"Digi Ana painting" is using Analog painting on Digital print and through several years trial and error, Seungjin found this skill.

Recently people can make great visual things with using Camera, CG, Programing so he thought several years what is meaning of making handmade picture in nowadays.

At first, he just tried to make picture using hand drawing without any image or vision.  

Hundreds picture he made, and he noticed that he feels good while drawing tiny and lot of shapes, like cells or creatures. And he thought this skill having connection with his orgasm from making progenies and sexual desire. So he named this skill "Desire painting".

By the way, he always did net surfing, see SNS, play computer games, ets... any way his life is always surrounded Digital things. But Digital things are not living things. Suddenly he wanted to make communicate with these things.

So he printed out Digital things and used "Desire painting" on.  

While he using this painting skill, feels making communication between him and Digital things.

Finally he named "Digi Ana Painting".